Wi-Fi Network

The name of our wireless network is “eduroam”. It is is secured against unauthorized use and interception. Due to interferences with other wireless networks of other users of the building reliability is reduced. If you require Internet connection (e.g., during a lecture or presentation), please use a wired connection, which is available in most auditoriums.

To secure our wireless network we use authentication according to standard IEEE 802.1x (also called WPA Enterprise) with AES encryption. Instructions on how to connect your mobile device to the wireless network can be found in the computer room.

Internet access outside the MBS

The MBS is member of the eduroam community. Therewith, students, lecturers, and staff of Munich Business School can gain wireless internet access at premises of all other participating institutions. Eudroam is an international community, in Germany alone more than a hundred academic institutions at approximately 750 locations are part of eduroam currently. Your device should automatically connect to a foreign eduroam network if you have been previously connected to the eduroam network in the MBS.

Incoming students from participating universities may use our eduroam network to get Internet access. However, they will not be able to use local resources (PCs and printers).


Windows MBS Windows WiFi Installer Manual
Mac MBS MacOS WiFi InstallerManual
iOSMBS iOS WiFi InstallerManual
Android Manual
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