Multi-functional Printers

The multi-functional printers can be used for copying, printing and scanning (scan-to-email). You will need your student or lecturer ID card with embedded RFID chip or a blue token. Please check for sufficient funds on your printer account when printing and copying. The rates are composed of printing costs and paper costs:

Print per black-and-white page 4 ct.
Print per color page: 39 ct.
Per sheet of paper: 1 ct.

You can recharge your account at the machine in the students’ copying room. Lecturers please contact personnel at the reception.

Scan-to-email is free of charge. Your e-mail address is stored on your Student or Lecturer ID card.


You can print from any PC of the MBS or from your own laptop. Currently Windows laptops and MACs are support. Instructions on how to set up the printer on your computer can be found in the computer room and are attached below.

You will find the following two printing queues:

  • BW_Queue: renders your print job to black-and-white
  • Color_Queue: no color adjustments to your printout; possibly color is used.

By selecting a printing queue, you specify whether you want to have a black-and-white or color printout. To fetch your printout go to any printer, on the printer display select “Yes” for "Print All?", and only then place your card onto the reader. Now, the printer will start working and produce your printout.

Printers available for students can be found in the computer lab, the students’ copying room and on the second Floor (two) and in the working room on 1st floor.

MAC / IPad

Color_Queue is published as a Airprint Printer. It should be displayed automatically on MACs and iPads. If you want to print in black/White, please select "Print in grayscale" or "Print in black and white" in the printing dialog of your device.


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