Using the email system

You have three options for receiving your emails:

  1. (recommended) Configure the mailbox in your email program on your PC, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone device. Using multiple devices concurrently is possible. All popular email programs are supported. Instructions can be found below. Further instructions are available in the computer room. This option provides the full functionality including sending of emails from your address and access to the address book of the Munich Business School.
  2. If you believe an additional mailbox is too confusing or complicated, you can instruct the emailing system to forward all your emails to another email address. Forwarding of emails works reliably but has some drawbacks. You will not be able to send emails from your address and you will not have access to the address book. When sending email or replying to an email you will disclose your email address to the recipient
  3. A little less comfortable, but very easy to use is Outlook Web Access (Webmail). Access is possible from any PC with an Internet connection without additional configuration. Just open an Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox, not Google Chrome! ), navigate to our homepage ( and select the link "webmail". Outlook Web Access provides also the full functionality.

If you are having problems logging in, please refer to "Help logging into Office365"

Manuals Option a)

Outlook Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010 / 2013
Thunderbird Thunderbird
Mobile devices Android-based Smartphone devices
Windows Phone 8

Manuals Option b)

Forwarding emails Forwarding your email to another email address


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